VI International scientific conference
"Psychophysiologycal and visceral functions in norm and pathology"

October 9-11, 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine

Dear Sir/Madam,
You are cordially invited to participate in the 6-th International Scientific Conference "Psychophysiological and visceral functions in a norm and pathology" dedicated to 170-years anniversary of the department of human and animal physiology and 100-years anniversary of the school of electrophysiology at Kyiv University.

The main conference's topics are:

Registration and abstract submission are provided on this site only. Early deadline is June 01, 2012, late deadline is August 05, 2012. After AUG 05 registration without sending abstracts is allowed only.

Fees and categories:

ParticipantsAbstract publishing *Registration fee **
before June 01from June 02 till August 01
regular (Ukraine)10 EUR15 EUR10 EUR
students (Ukraine)10 EUR12 EUR-
regular (CIS)15 EUR20 EUR15 EUR
regular (other countries)20 EUR25 EUR15 EUR

(*) This fee covers abstract publishing only. This applyes per abstract.

(**) Registration fee applyed to conference visitors. The deadline for paying is September 30.

Payments should be made in Euro. Other currencies (USD, RUB) require additional amount have to be added to the registration fee. If you want to pay organization fee in USD or RUB, please contact the registration secretariat conf2012@physiology.org.ua.
All bank charges must be paid at source in addition to the payable fee.

Please send your payment, free of charge for the beneficiary, to the bank account of partner of the conference - NPO "Noosphera".
:56 INTERMEDIARY: Commerzbank AG, Kaiserplatz, 60261, Frankfurt am Main, DE, S.W.I.F.T.: COBADEFF
:57 ACCOUNT WITH INSTITUTION: / 400887172500 Ukrainian Professional Bank PJSC, KIEV UA, S.W.I.F.T.: UKPBUAUK
Please indicate the details of payment as "charitable donation" only.

Note! These details are valid for payment in Euro only. Payments in other currencies should not be accepted. If you want to pay organization fee in USD or RUB, please contact the registration secretariat conf2012@physiology.org.ua.

"Noosphera" is non-profit organization, so all payments are tax-free (and VAT free also).

Please indicate the complete first name and last name of the registered participant(s), matching with the name(s) on the registration form, and "free of charge for the receiver account".

Please note that your registration will be valid only on receipt of your payment.

Please send a copy of your registration confirmation together with the bank transfer receipt by E-mail to the registration secretariat conf2012@physiology.org.ua

Welcome party will be held for additional fee.

There are three Conference working languages, namely Ukrainian, English, and Russian.

Should you have any subsequent questions, please do not hesitate to contact Conference Scientific Secretary Ms. Zoya Gorenko:
or +380(44)5213283, fax +380(44)5220828
E-mail: conf2012@physiology.org.ua